Historical Review
The Department of Mechanical Design and Production Engineering was established in 1971 to satisfy the ever increasing needs for engineers with solid background in Mechanical Engineering and specialized in design, manufacturing and production.

Historically, the subjects of mechanical design, and production technology have been taught since 1916 within the mechanical department of the Royal School of Engineering. In 1960, a department under the name of “Production Engineering” was established.

The department now has more than 70  faculty members who earned their Ph.D. from reputable engineering schools all over the world. The department has been closely related to its sister department “Mechanical Power Engineering.” Students enrolled in Mechanical Engineering have 2 years of study in common, and then specialize within the scope of either department for the final two years of study.

Scope of Department Activities
• Undergraduate and graduate education; curriculum planning, development, and assessment
• Consultancy services to a multitude of diversified national industries
• Conduction and publication of academic and applied research to expand the frontiers of engineering knowledge
• Offering training programs to support growing needs of industry in continuous education of up-to-date subjects
• Organization of the tri-annual international conference (MDP), and the participation in leading conferences, seminars and academic committees
• Active participation in interdisciplinary academic and scientific activities within Cairo University and with other research, governmental and decision making establishments.

Fields of Specialization
• Design of mechanical equipment and systems
• Production technology: material properties, testing and processing
• Mechanics of materials: elasticity, plasticity, stress analysis and fracture mechanics
• Dynamics: vibration, control and robotics
• Industrial engineering: production planning, quality control and economics.
• Tribology, Lubrication, Friction, Wear, machine health monitoring and Seals.

Departmental Laboratories

• Manufacturing Engineering workshop

• Material Properties and Testing (Mechanical Testing of Materials- Metallography-Chemical Analysis)

• Manufacturing (Metrology, Foundry and Sand Testing, Welding, Metal Forming, Metal Cutting and C.N.C. machines)

• Machine Design

• Tribology and Fault Diagnosis

• Control and Robotics

• Mechanical Vibrations

• Stress Analysis

• Computer-Aided Design

• Industrial Engineering

• Computer labs

Academic Degrees
• Bachelor degree in Mechanical Design and Production (10 semesters)
• Mechanical Design Diploma (2 academic years)
• Materials and Production Technology Diploma (2 academic years)
• Industrial Engineering Diploma (2 academic years)
• Master of Science in Mechanical Design & Production (minimum of 2 calendar years)
• Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Mechanical Design and Production (minimum of 2 calendar years)

Faculty Members
Staff Members :
The Department Staff council is headed by Prof. Dr. Ehab El-Danaf

The total number of Staff is (129)  distributed as follows :

Emeritus professors : 28
Emeritus Associate professors: 7
Emeritus Assistant professors : 2

Professors : 9
Associate professors: 6
Assistant professors : 15
Assistant Lecturers   : 15
Demonstrators: 25

Emeritus Professors :

Kouta, F. H.Riad, S. M.

Moustafa, A. A. El-Arabi, M. E.

Abdel-Wahed, I. F. Arafa, H. A.

Bayoumi, S. E. A. Kandeel, S. E.

Radwan, A.A.Salah El-Din, M. E.

Metwalli, S.MRagab, A. A.

Mokhtar, M. O.A. El-Sherbiny, M. G. D.

Bahgat, B. MEl-Hebeary, M. R.

Wifi, A. S. Hassan, G. A

Megahed, M. M. Khattab, A. A.

Soliman, F. A.Salem, F. B.

Megahed, SM. M. Kassem, S. A.

Said, M. E El-Zoghaby A.A.A

Mawsof, N. M. El-Habak, A. M.

Emeritus Associate Professors :

Khourshid, S. Y.

Shalaby, M. A.

Mohamed, M. A. A.

Mansour, A.M.A.

Aly, M. Z.

Megahed, H. A.

Ahmed, M. E. H.

Emeritus Assistant Professors :

Abdel-Halim, B. A. K.

El- Anany,A. A.

El-Giddawy, M.E.E.

Professors :  

Bayoumi, L. S. (Chairman)

Abdelhalim, A. E. A.Osman,T.A.S.

Abd-Rabou, M.M.El-Danf, I. M. A.

Gadallah, M. H. Azzam, B. S. N.

El-Hossainy, T. M. M. Hassan, R. M. R.

Associate Professors : 

Abdelaal, O. M.Ziada, Y. M. F.

Adly, M. A.Saleh, S. A.

Hassan, R. M. R.Hegazi, H. A. M.

Bayoumi, H. N.Ahmed, M. E. H.

Abdelmaguid, T. F.

Assistant  Professors :

Elmokaddem, A.E. Abo-Hamd, M.M.E.

Elshazly, M.H.Y. Bahnam, M.M.

Abdel-Maqsod, M.K.M. El-gamil, M.A.

Yousef, A.M.A. Abdel-Hafiz, I.A.

Attia,M.S.A. Mahmoud, K. S. A.

Al-Kashif, E. F. O. Anis,Y. H. I.

Fahmy, S. A. M.Shash, A.Y.S.

Seddik, B.A